Markets, Photos And Bugs, Oh My!

Yesterday was our final full day in Cambodia. We left early this morning to head back to the city. We had a great time in Kampong Cham, worshipping together, dancing it up, and having kid’s church! On our way to the city we stopped at an outdoor market that sold bugs. Yes BUGS! My teammates bought an out a proud of scorpions, tarantulas, cockroaches, car ickets, worms and frogs. It is so horrible!! I have yet to see any of them actually eat one. Thank the Lord!

Eventually we arrived in Phnom Penh, we went to a place called the Russian Market and shopped for souvenirs. The market is so full of vendors that you can barely walk through the aisles! From there we made our way to an amazing restauranturant called Jars of Clay. The restaurant is owned by a ministry that helps young women in need to have employment and be able to support their families. I think that is pretty cool!

The next part of the day was a grand adventure ture with my dear friend Pheap. She took us to have a traditional Khmer photo shoot. We got all made up with way too much makeup, and got to pick out sparkly gowns and do our hair in big bouffant. It was awesome! Even the boys got pampered. We had a blast laughing and being silly.

We got to ride in tuck tuk’s on our way back to the hotel where we rested until with went to a very Western pizza place near our hotel for dinner. What was really cool was that later that night we got to meet with the pastor of the New Life Fellowship. Pastor Chuck is from Harrisburg, Oregon. He wore a Beavers shirt to greet us. We got to talk about our time here and our experiences with the church plants we visited in Kampong Spue and Kampong Cham.

It was a good day, and it has been a beautiful blessing watching the work the Lord has done through and in the lives of each one of us. Through being stretched in ways thta we were not always comfortable with, God answered the faithful prayers of our loved ones with courage and boldness and an outpouring of the His Holy Spirit! Our God is SO faithful!

Team mom,

Wendy Davenport


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