Our Last Day In Ministry

Today started off with a trip to the church, where we lead a children’s program. The kids were delighted to have us join them. We played multiple games and had tons of fun!!


Later we had our very own Moriah and Zach practice with the worship team. After that we had lunch with the leaders of the church in Kampong Cham. We then went to the hotel for some rest time. We had a surprise experience with some durian fruit that Pheap bought at the market for us to try. Some of the team thought it smelled like stinky socks and made them want to throw up, for others it was good! “It was sort of a taste between onion and pineapple and stinky socks” by Andrew Davenport. Kim thought it smelled like cantaloupe.


In the evening, we attended the church service and enjoyed Zach and Moriah expressing their gifts and musicality as they played along with the worship team. It was really awesome being able to sit in a Khmer Sunday service.


The worship was on point and “so was the boy’s hair as the girls had curled it earlier with Jess’s curling wand” (by the girls on the team).


After that we went to dinner and had awesome egg, cheese, and bacon hamburgers.


We then proceeded to go to the night market where there were clothes and some not so wonderful smells. We ventured back to the hotel in our wonderful air-conditioned bus and now I am reciting this blog as Nisha types.


-With much love,

Andrew Davenport 😉



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