New Friends In New Places

Yesterday we drove from Phnom Penh for 3 hours to Kampong Cham province. When we got here we had an hour to get settled and then we went to the church in the province to teach the English classes there. Our team was split into two groups, one to teach the adult English class, and the other to teach the kids class. The students were eager to learn and participate in the games and lessons we had for them. We taught them American conversational skills and even got some of them to say, “Sup?”


After these two classes, we went to join a cell group that meets near the church. The cell group is made up of some of the leaders including many of the youth leaders and youth pastor, administrators and other leaders in the church. We got to worship with them and pray in pairs. Their stories are so amazing! Most of them have only known God for a few years, but they are so on fire for him! Many of them are the only believers in their family, or have one or two family members who told them about God. Those who have unbelieving family members are so passionate about praying for their families that they would accept Jesus. It’s so inspiring and convicting to see their faith in God and their trust in His provision!


Today, we met at the church with some of the leaders and then headed out to pray for two families in the community that are part of the church here. One of them is an elderly woman they call “grandmother”. She isn’t able to walk and is mostly blind, but she is so happy and filled with joy! We got to pray over her and her family including her granddaughter who is pregnant. The next family we visited was a husband and wife who have six grandchildren. Two of them have a rare skin disease that makes their skin crack and peel. One of the boys with this condition is concerned that his skin will mean that he will never be able to get married and have a family. We were able to pray for him and speak truth over him and his family.


After this we went to lunch with many of the leaders who were in the cell group the day before and some new leaders in the church that we hadn’t met. In the afternoon, we went to visit the women’s dorm and Wendy Davenport shared her testimony and we prayed for the girls who live there. This evening we took part in the church’s youth outreach. We were able to teach them the dance to Cotton Eyed Joe, continuing to be trendsetters in Cambodia! 😉 Moriah shared her testimony and Andrew shared the gospel through scripture, encouraging the students to walk in the hope of God’s salvation.  The outreach ended up turning into a dance party! We even learned some popular Khmer dances. For dinner afterward, we took the youth leaders to a bbq place in the town. The food was amazing!


Kampong Cham province is beautiful and sort of reminds us of  Corvallis. It’s so green and has so many trees. It has a city center but also plenty of rural countryside, and the city is not insanely crowded like Phnom Penh. Some of the girls on the team were even able to ride on motors behind some of the youth leaders who live in the women’s dorm, which was an amazing experience. We were also able to climb up a tall abandoned watchtower that has become a tourist attraction, which was mildly terrifying for some of us since the steps to the top are rickety metal ladder-like stairs with two inch wide steps. However, the view was worth the climb!


As we’re nearing the end of our trip, it’s starting to hit us that we only have a few short days left in Cambodia. Many of us are excited to be coming home, but all of us, I know have a part of their heart here and will leave it here when we leave. The next thing will be to ask God what plans He has for us when we return!


Prayer requests:

– Continued prayer for the sick in our group

– Strength and joy to continue the trip and finish well

– Wisdom to be hearing God’s callings on our lives.



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