Let The Little Children Come…


Over the last three days, we have been in Phnom Penh teaching English at the school that New Life Fellowship runs. We’ve been teaching grades ranging from preschool to University students. On Tuesday, we taught the fifth grade and sixth grade classes in the morning. The kids were so excited to see us and talk to us! That evening we went to New Life Church and facilitated two of their English classes for adults and university students there. It was really amazing seeing how excited these students were to practice their English with us and learn more about where we are from. We also learned some Khmer from them! That night we had a wonderful surprise from our fearless leader, Kim. Since it was the Fourth of July, we had Indian food for dinner on a boat on the Mekong River. Kim had bought sparklers and a big cake and we had our own little Fourth of July celebration in Cambodia. It was interesting thinking about how much oppression and suffering this country has gone through, and how blessed we are in America to have the freedom that we do, even if it is not perfect.


Wednesday was our really long day, We taught three English classes that morning: a 2nd grade class, an 8th grade class, and a 4th grade class. We danced, sang songs, played word games, and shared our stories with them. We had a few hours break between the morning classes at New Life School and our evening classes at the TSK school, so after a satisfying lunch of burgers and fries with the leaders of the New Life School, we decided to explore the Central Market. The market is nothing like anything we have in America, and you have to barter for everything which was a new experience for some of the team. That evening we headed to the TSK school, where we split into four teams and each taught one class. The classes were made up of students ranging from elementary age to college age depending on their level of English. After this, the university students who live at the dorms near the school came over, bringing dinner and fruit with them. We ate and talked together and two of the team shared their testimonies. It is interesting how we can be in a completely different country with a different culture and language, and yet when you meet someone who is your age and in a similar place in life as you, the barriers that separate us seemed to fall away and we were able to just talk and laugh and pray for one another.


Today we finished our last three classes at the New Life School. All of today’s classes were around the preschool to first grade age, and so teaching consisted of lots of songs, games, play-doh and face paint. After lunch we got to spend the afternoon and evening with Pheap at her apartment.


“While we were at Pheap’s apartment, we had the opportunity to talk to a guy named Josh, from Destiny Rescue. Pheap invited him to share with us about their organization and how they help rescue, restore, and rehabilitate young women who have been forced to work in the sex trade. This is something God has put on my heart for a while now, and it was extremely moving for me to hear about the horrible situations these women are in, and the way God is using this organization to change their lives.

One of the ways they help restore women is to give them training in an occupation that they want to work in, and one of the popular occupations desired is hairdressing. Hearing about this was so exciting yet also terrifying for me, because doing something similar to this has been something God has been giving me a heart to do for a while now. As Josh was sharing about this, I couldn’t help but tear up. When he was done talking Pheap asked if we could pray for me, as I’ve told her things God has shown me and put on my heart with this.

As we were praying and worshipping tonight, I couldn’t help but think of all the fears I have if I were calling to commit to something like this. When I brought each of these things before the LORD, He simply said “I know” in a comforting way that reminded me that He has all things in His hands and is greater than all my fears. I don’t know exactly what God has in store for me in Cambodia beyond this trip, but a big part of me believes this is only the beginning, and I am praying and trusting that God will give direction in that. One thing Pheap has reminded me a few times over the course of this trip is that we are always safe when we are walking in God’s will for our lives. This is the safest place we can be–in the guidance, comfort, and protection of His arms.”

– Moriah


Prayer Requests:

– Continued prayer for the sick on our team.

– -Visiting Kampong Cham Province. We will be spending most of the remaining time in one of the Provinces and could use prayer as things will be completely new again.

–  Wisdom and direction for God calling on our lives






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