Life In Dead Places

Hello friends!

Today was our first full day back in Phnom Penh, and we began it by eating, reading the Word, and praying together as we have every morning. A few of use are still battling minor physical sickness and it has been a little discouraging, but God is working through all of our distractions and sickness. We then went to the Killing Fields to learn more about the history of the Khmer Rouge. This was one of around 300 such sites, where tens of thousands of political prisoners of the Khmer Rouge were murdered and buried in mass graves. It was, and still is, very difficult to grasp the scope of the horror that occurred not so long ago, less than 50 years. It was very hot and humid, somewhat overcast too, which added to the heaviness of that place. We then went to lunch at Jars of Clay with Pheab, who afterward graciously offered to do some of our laundry. Since many of us were still feeling sick, most of us went back to the hotel, while the others went to the market with Pheab. But the highlight of the whole day was this evening. We went to New Life’s dorms for college age people, and I got to share part of my testimony with the men’s dorm and spoke about sexual purity, and we worshiped and prayed together as well. It was so astounding to see so many young believers who loved the Lord and were excited to intern with  New Life and serve the Lord in general. Unfortunately, Andrew had to stay back at the hotel, but Myles and I got to get to know some of them, and it was so awesome! In stark contrast to the literal death of the Khmer past, we whitnessed life and growth in these young people now and moving forward! Be encouraged that despite such horror and such devastation, God is moving here.

Your servant,




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