Days of Rest


For me, today was the best day of our trip so far. Starting out this morning we left the small province church we were visiting. It was nice to be heading back to the city but it was super sad to leave the sweet kids and very friendly Cambodians we got to know.  Once we got back to our hotel in the city we had about 3 hours of free time, which was amazing. All of us swam in the hotels salt water pool and had a lot of fun relaxing for a bit. Finally this evening we went to the New Life churches  3rd service that started at 5:30. The service was truly amazing. The pre message worship might have been the best worship of my life. Being surrounded by God-loving happy Cambodians that are bouncing around singing and raising their hands in praise to God was so awesome. Worshipping along side them with a combination of English and Khmer speaking people sounded so cool. What I loved about tonight was that I was reminded that God is the same all around the world, and that his overwhelming love reaches everyone everywhere.        -Myles



Days of rest are so necessary, especially when you’re in the mission field. They allow you to sit back and reflect and be filled up again in order for you to be sent out again later. Today was a day of rest for us.. This morning we helped lead a children’s service at the New Life church in Kampong Spue. It was so much fun sitting with these little children and playing games and making bracelets with them. (Some of them are expert bracelet makers!!)


It was difficult to leave the province after making all these new friends and not knowing if we will ever see them in person again until we all get to heaven. But it was comforting knowing that even though we may not meet again on this earth, this life isn’t all there is and we will meet again and spend eternity together singing and dancing!

This evening we attended the main Phnom Penh’s New Life church evening service. Worship was amazing! It’s so humbling and inspiring to see how these people worship God like there is no one else around! They sing and speak and dance in such confidence and power and faith! The worship leader said “We dance, not because we can do anything, but because God is good!” And that is so evident in all the Khmer people from the city to the provinces. Pastor Jesse taught on Colossians 3:1-4, and even though he was speaking in Khmer, we had a translation app that helped us get the gist of what he was saying. Later we had some really yummy Khmer-Thai food and then came back to our hotel and rested.

This week we will be teaching in the New Life English school and visiting the university dorms and ministering to the students who live there.  Tomorrow we will also be visiting the Killing Fields. For some of us this will be our first time and for others it will be a second time but just as emotionally challenging as we see the exact location of a place that sustained the most violence during the Khmer Rouge.

Prayer requests:

  • Continued prayer for people on our team who are not feeling well
  • Strength for the days ahead, especially for tomorrow visiting the Killing Fields.




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