Anointed With Joy

This morning we began our day in prayer and scripture. We read Hebrews 1, and the passage about being anointed with Joy stuck out to a few of us. In my life I know that God has anointed me with joy, and that is something he has put on my heart to pray over others. There is a little girl in the province who always has a sad and serious face. She stayed at an arms length the majority of the day, but later on came and sat with me. Today she fell asleep in my arms, and when I was holding her I was overwhelmed with emotions. She is God’s precious child. I was told that her home was not happy and that is why she was so sad. I sat holding her for a while and prayed God’s joy over her.
Unlike the United States, this country is not founded on Christian Morals. To beat someone, to lie, to mistreat another person, is all okay here. These small and precious children know nothing of God’s love and gentleness. The way he comforts and heals us, and fills the void with joy.     – Jess Wagar

This morning we met the pastor of the Kampong Spue branch of New Life Fellowship at the church and then walked to a family’s house a little ways down the road. The pastor told us that we were going to be praying for the house and for the people who lived there. What we found out when we got there is that this house is right next to the house of a well known witch in Kampong Spue. The people who live in the house, a grandmother, mother and her daughter, are new believers and new to New Life. They told us that they had been experiencing spiritual attack and demonic oppression and that their land was cursed. They asked us to lay our hands on the house and pray over it and the land. We began outside and ended up moving inside and praying for the daughter and the house and the land. A vision was shared of that house becoming a beacon of light to shine into all the other houses surrounding it. We could feel God’s presence in that place even though we were surrounded by so much darkness.

After leaving that house, we went to go visit the new church building in Kampong Spue that is in the process of being built. The pastor told us that the building would be ready in 2 weeks. His goal, along with the goal of every New LIfe church is to begin with free English classes and a youth outreach program to provide practical resources for the people of that area that will draw them into the church and equip them with the skills they need to succeed in life. It’s so amazing how the pastors in Cambodia have such a heart for the people and also the nation as a whole. They want to see the people of God “infiltrating” all spheres of society and influencing the people in those areas for the gospel!

After lunch we had some needed rest time in the hotel and then headed back to the church for the youth outreach. We began again with music, trading guitars and the keyboard and cajon between people and singing together in Khmer and English. It’s amazing to see how the Khmer people worship God, They go all in, whether they sounds good or not they’ll sing at the top of their lungs, joy shining from their faces truly is amazing to see how worshiping God isn’t hindered by a language barrier! Afterward, we played games with the kids, and then Myles Axtell and Andrew Davenport shared their testimonies with the youth. Tomorrow we will be assisting in the kids class during their church service.

A poem written by one of the team:

Phnom Penh
A city once forsaken
And mistaken to be taken
By an enemy with such power
While the people were forced to cower
Under submission or in prison
Scourged without reason
Accusations of treason
Taken to be killed
With fear their hearts were filled
Forgive but not forget
They say
We must learn to go on another day
Yet brokenness surrounds
And corruption still abounds
A people not forsaken
Unmistaken and taken
By a King with all power
No longer is there need to cower
Because of His submission to the mission
Scourged without reason
Accusations of treason
Taken to be killed
His perfect plan fulfilled
Forgive them, for they know not what they do (Luke 23:34)
In that sorrowful day
He has made a way
Risen from the ground
His love forever abounds


Prayer requests:

  • Healing and rest for those who are feeling sick.
  • That God would pour out his love and joy on the people of Cambodia.
  • That God would protect His people in Cambodia and our team from spiritual attack.



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