The Legend Lives On

Today ends day two in Cambodia.  We traveled out of Phnom Penh this morning in our bus.  Before we left for Kampong Spue, we had orientation at New Life Fellowship.  New Life Fellowship is the church we serve with when we’re here.  They have a heart to see the Gospel spread throughout Cambodia.  They plant churches, raise up leaders to shepherd the churches and then they watch as God moves!  New Life Fellowship also offers very practical and hands on ways to help the people here.  They offer English classes, business classes, leadership training, and computer classes amongst other things.  This technique allows for them to meet very practical needs and teaching people about the Gospel!  It’s incredible.  Once we finished our orientation we did a prayer walk around the mall.

After we finished doing our prayer walk we headed out to Kampong Spue.  We were able to hang out with some of the youth.  Many of them just got saved a couple weeks ago!


We spent time practicing worship with the youth there.  It is one of the most INCREDIBLE things to lead worship and have them sing along in Khmer!  Wendy and I would pass the guitar back and forth with two of their girls.  The guys went outside and Zach and Andrew lead.  It makes you think about Heaven and how all the nations will be praising God in their own language.  It will be one of the most glorious sounds we’ll ever hear!


IMG_6923After a little while the girls’ worship time turned into a dance party (naturally!).  We taught them Cotton-Eyed Joe and we danced it way too many times.  One of the Pastors from another Province we visited last year says the kids there still dance to it and are teaching other kids to do it as well!  And so, the Calvary legacy lives on.  However, after one time dancing it you’ll be drenched in sweat, so doing it nearly four times is enough to dehydrate you!!  But the kids loved it and then taught us some of their dances.  They even roped Myles in!


Please keep us in your prayers as a couple people on the team are feeling a little sick.  Tomorrow, we’ll be with the youth again and leading worship and teaching.  We’ll spend the morning traveling around praying for the people from the church here.  It’s a really wonderful opportunity to be used by the Lord in such unique ways!



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